Home Handrails in Chapel Hill, NC

Using stairs requires greater strength, balance, and joint flexibility than walking on plain level does. For the elderly and mobility impaired, this task is not only more difficult, but can be impossible without the assistance of proper home handrails.

While many staircases already have handrails in place, not all of them are appropriate and stable enough to fit the specific needs of those with mobility issues. Orthopedic Service Company proudly provides home handrails that residents in Chapel Hill, NC can take advantage of. By improving the safety of your home, you´ll be preventing falls and provide stability in the process of going up and down stairs.

The importance of quality home handrails

When using stairs and steps, feet need to be lifted or lowered more than usual which can result in a loss of balance, by requiring greater strength and flexibility. In the specific case of people facing mobility issues, home handrails are a much needed assistive tool, as they provide support and safety while allowing for greater comfort and independence.

Thanks to the proper home handrails, the mobility impaired are given the independence to navigate around their house easily, without having to worry about falling or injuring themselves. At Orthopedic Service Company we proudly offer home handrails to residents in Chapel Hill, NC, helping in the process of turning their home into a more accessible place.

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Orthopedic Service Company’s catalogue of home handrails comes in a wide variety of materials. We offer a low-maintenance, durable solution to anyone’s mobility requirements.

As experts in customer service, our mobility consultants offer customers a free consultation and assessment of their specific needs, helping in the process of choosing the right home handrails for their Chapel Hill, NC home.

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