Home Handrail in Durham, NC

Using stairs presents a greater risk of falling and injury than plain level walking does, especially for those in need of mobility assistance. In these cases, home handrails are necessary to guarantee the person’s safety and independence while accessing different levels of their home.

Although many staircases already have handrails in place, not all of them are appropriate to the specific needs of those with mobility issues. Orthopedic Service Company provides home handrails that residents in Durham, NC can have installed to improve the safety of their home by preventing falls and providing support and stability while traversing steps.

The importance of quality home handrails

The process of going up and down stairs requires greater strength, balance and joint flexibility than plain level walking does, making it much harder for the mobility impaired to traverse steps comfortably.

Home handrails greatly assists people with mobility issues by providing the safety and independence needed to navigate around their house without worrying about falling or injuring themselves.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we proudly offer home handrails to residents in Durham, NC by helping in the process of turning their home into a more accessible place.

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Orthopedic Service Company’s catalogue of home handrails comes in a wide variety of materials, offering a full service to customers in Durham, NC complete with provided installment and guidance.

Home handrails are a low-maintenance, durable solution to your mobility requirements. As part of our service, our mobility experts offer a free consultation and assessment of your needs so you decide what the best options in home handrails are for your Durham, NC home.

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