For those faced with mobility issues, going up and down stairs can be a difficult daily task. In order to allow people with limited mobility to continue enjoying all levels and spaces of their home, an accessibility aid such as a home handrail can be a great solution. 

While many staircases come with handrails already installed, not all of them are suited to the very specific needs of the mobility impaired. Therefore, Orthopedic Service Company is happy to help, providing customers in North Carolina with a wide selection of accessibility handrails meant to prevent falls by providing greater support and stability.

Why A Quality Home Handrail Is Important

In order to successfully go up and down stairs, balance, strength, and joint flexibility are necessary, so for those with mobility issues, the risk of falling and injury is much higher.

Therefore, this seemingly simple task can be tremendously challenging, frustrating or impossible for some.

Adding handrails can be a great solution to this problem, because they add greater safety, comfort and independence to those with mobility issues who need to navigate the stairs.

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At Orthopedic Service Company, we have made it our goal to provide our customers with greater independence, safety, and ease of movement. 

By browsing our catalog or visiting our showroom you will find a great variety of accessibility home handrails, all of which come with free in-home assessment and installation. Contact us today to be referred to one of our mobility specialists, who will happily help you choose the handrail that best suits your needs.