Home Modifications in Durham, NC

The installment of home modifications for people with limited mobility allows them to safely and more independently transit around their home, providing as well greater safety for their carers and a higher quality of life for everyone in the house.

At Orthopedic Service Company we work hand in hand with two of the top brands in the market, Prairie View Industries and Ez-Access to offer our customers guidance and support in the installment of home modifications in Durham, NC.

Our expert services include free, no obligation, in-home evaluation and assessment, as well as expert installation and user instruction.

Home Modification And Accessibility Solutions 

Home modifications are made in a house in order to both support independency for the person with limited mobility and reduce their and their carers risk of injuries. By adding accessibility solutions and home modifications in your Durham, NC home the house becomes a safer place for all.

Some of our offered accessibility and home modification solutions in Durham, NC include but are not limited to:


Semi – Permanent Ramps

When a portable ramp isn’t enough to cover residential accessibility requirements, high-strength aluminum semi-permanent ramps provide safe access and quick installation.

Portable Ramps

From folding and solid surface to threshold ramps, mats and plates, we offer convenient, lightweight and easy to use ramps for wheelchairs, scooters or powerchairs.

Door Threshold Ramps

Working with Transitions® threshold solutions, we offer our customers ramps, mats and plates for a smooth ground-to-sill transition over doorway thresholds throughout their home.

Door Systems

At the touch of a button, the Open Sesame automatic door opener allows complete independence to enter and exit a residential or commercial door, being able to operate with a variety of wheelchair mounted remote controls, wall push pads and more.


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