Ki Mobility In Durham, NC

At Orthopedic Service Company, we aim to work with only the best brands in the field of mobility, bringing our customers in the Triangle area a wide selection of products to help them achieve their goals of independence and freedom of movement. As official distributors of Ki Mobility in Durham, NC, we proudly offer the products people need to improve their quality of life.

Offering a wide array of flexible and personalized mobility solutions, Ki Mobility’s manual wheelchairs stand out as some of the most lightweight and durable options in the field. These are super strong wheelchairs that are easy to fold and transport everywhere the user wants to go. They’re some of the best wheelchairs in the industry, and we’re proud to offer them to you.

Ki Mobility’s Manual Wheelchairs 

Ki Mobility’s manual wheelchairs are built with lightweight materials to provide the most dynamic user experience. At Orthopedic Service Company, we bring two of the most outstanding products by Ki Mobility to Durham, NC: The Catalyst 5 and Tsunami ALX manual wheelchairs. 

The Catalyst 5’s patented frame concept is built from the 7000 Aluminum series along with intelligent geometry that makes it one of the strongest and top-performing folding wheelchairs on the market. It’s able to transport up to 300lbs of weight without losing its optimal riding features. 

The Tsunami ALX, on the other hand, is able to fold into an easily transportable wheelchair and only weighs 11.2lbs! As an affordable and equally strong solution, this manual wheelchair brings a 20% stiffer and more responsive ride than chairs with much higher price tags and has as many customization options available as you could possibly need. 

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