Ki Mobility Products At Orthopedic Service Company

Focusing on providing their users with the most flexible and personalized mobility solutions possible, Ki Mobility products have been leaving their mark in the field for years now, standing out due to their high quality manufacturing and engineering, creating a wide array of wheelchairs and power chairs designed to take their users anywhere they want to go.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we pride ourselves in only working with the best and most dedicated brands in our field, certain to provide our customers in North Carolina an actual solution to their requirements that keeps them safe, comfortable and enjoying a fulfilled and independent life.

As part of our catalogue of top products, we feel proud to have Ki Mobility’s best manual wheelchairs in store, providing unmatched dynamic performance in surprisingly lightweight materials.

Ki Mobility’s Manual Wheelchairs

Just because it’s light doesn’t mean it’s any less great, at least not when it comes to Ki Mobility products stellar manual wheelchairs, the Catalyst 5 and Tsunami ALX models. Trust us, daily life is made much easier when you’re able to transport your wheelchair everywhere.

In the case of the Catalyst 5, a patented frame concept built from 7000 Aluminum series along with intelligent geometry, is what makes this super light wheelchair stand above the crowds, creating the strongest, top performing folding wheelchair on the market, being able to support up to 300lbs of weight without losing its optimal riding features.

This, along with an enormous selection of options to help you customize and configure your chair, guarantees your life to be made so much easier, no matter where the day takes you.

The Tsunami ALX wheelchair is the best possible option when it comes to affordable, ultra light-weight chairs, showing that with Ki Mobility products you don’t need to sacrifice quality, design or customization options because of your budget.

With a surprising 11.2lb transport weight, 20% stiffer and more responsive ride than chairs with much higher price tags and as many customization options as you need, you can forget all the other competitors out there.

Your Trusted Ki Mobility Products Dealer

For over 40 years now, Orthopedic Service Company has specialized in providing their customers in North Carolina the greatest and most convenient mobility solutions out there, a compromise we keep up until this day by bringing Ki Mobility products and their top selection of manual wheelchairs to our catalogue.

Come visit our showroom today and see for yourself everything we have in store to make your life easier, better and more independent. Contact us today!