Permobil Products At Orthopedic Service Company

As the world’s leading manufacturers of power wheelchairs, Permobil products offer people with disabilities the possibility to live an active and independent life, focusing their development on the final user and their necessities.

As a global leader in advanced medical technology, Permobil is passionate about understanding their user’s needs, improving their quality of life through state-of-the-art healthcare solutions that adjust specifically to each person.

At Orthopedic Service Company we feel proud to work alongside this top manufacturer and have it as part of our catalogue of solutions to North Carolina customers, offering top quality power wheelchairs designed under the highest quality standards to provide a mobility experience like no other.

Permobil’s Power Wheelchairs

At Orthopedic Service Company, we feel glad to present our customers in North Carolina with two of the top power wheelchairs in the market, solutions developed by Permobil products in the hopes of effectively supporting the clinical, functional and lifestyle needs of users.

First we’ll start by introducing the power wheelchair F5 Corpus VS model, a durable, powerful and stable front wheel drive that incorporates the Corpus seat, the best seating system on the market, to deliver a power wheelchair meant for both indoor and outdoor use, which allows the user to enjoy the power functions of its innovative seat along with a new way of standing.

The M3 Corpus model, on the other hand, puts the greatest and most innovative engineering to use in order to maintain a better positioning and provide a secure, driving fatigue reduced experience. Thanks to its precision engineering it’ll be difficult to find a better drive performance and consistent driving experience than this.

As you can see, Permobil products power wheelchairs have been developed for both indoor and outdoor use, keeping the active user and its necessities into consideration at all times.

Your Trusted Dealer Of Permobil Products

Choosing the right powerchair for you can be a difficult task amongst so many great options, hence why Orthopedic Service Company becomes the best provider of them all. Our personalized attention and customer service will ensure that you go through the most comfortable and efficient shopping experience possible.

Visit our conveniently located showroom in North Carolina and take advantage of the guidance from one of our mobility experts, who will make sure to ask all the right questions and listen closely in order to help you find exactly what you need.

Orthopedic Service Company is your trusted dealer of Permobil products all around the North Carolina state area.