Portable Home Ramps in Chapel Hill, NC

Orthopedic Service Company (OSC) is your leading choice for portable home ramps in Chapel Hill, NC. We know and understand how frustrating and challenging it can be to navigate your home when you are faced with a physical handicap. This is why we offer high quality, portable wheelchair ramps to residential customers in the Chapel Hill area.

Choose from top manufacturers and brands, and let our team of experts help you make the best selection of ramp for your home.

Why Choose Portable Ramps for Your Chapel Hill Home?

#1 – Portable home ramps offer better mobility.

One of the biggest benefits to owning a portable wheelchair ramp is that it helps those with physical challenges enter, exit, and move around their home more easily and safely. Not only do portable home ramps minimize injury, they also help ease the burden of caregivers – allowing caregivers to more easily assist physically disabled persons.

#2 – Portable home ramps are easy to install.

Because they’re portable, portable home ramps are easier to install when compared to most permanent wheelchair ramps. This also means that they’re easier to break down and move to a different location or simply store until they are needed again.

#3 – Portable home ramps give you more freedom of mobility.

Now wheelchair and scooter users (or those with other physical challenges) can navigate their home both inside and out more easily. Portable home ramps give users independence to move and even live on their own without having to completely rely on another person for constant help.

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