Portable Home Ramps in Durham, NC

Enhance the quality of your life and your freedom of mobility with portable home ramps from Orthopedic Service Company. We are a leader in temporary ramps, designed just for your Durham, NC home!

Our team of specialists and experts know how frustrating it can be to try to navigate a home when faced with a physical limitation. When you buy one of our portable home ramps, you can always expect to get a high quality wheelchair ramp that is designed to fit your unique mobility needs.

Why Choose Our Portable Home Ramps for Your Durham, NC Home?

There are tons of reasons why it’s beneficial to have a portable home ramp.

#1 – Portable home ramps offer greater independence.

Get more freedom of mobility when you use portable home ramps in your Durham, NC home. Our portable wheelchair ramps can be installed in various areas inside and outside your home (as well as other areas). Speak to one of our mobility specialists today to learn more.

#2 – Portable home ramps make it easier to navigate entryways/exits.

Depending on the type of home you own or live in, doorways may contain high thresholds or a number of stairs to navigate prior to entering or exiting. Portable home ramps make it easier to get into and out of your home, helping you overcome obstacles that would’ve been more difficult to navigate without a ramp.

#3 – Portable home ramps keep you safer.

From inclement weather to regular, everyday hazards such as slipping, tripping and falling – portable home ramps help to keep you safer. Ramps allow users to avoid uneven ground, high doorway thresholds and getting your wheelchair stuck in other ways.

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