Power Chair In Chapel Hill, NC

Power chairs allow for greater freedom of mobility than that of the standard manual wheelchair. Specifically, users with limited dexterity and manual strength will find a power chair much easier to operate using the single joystick placed conveniently in the arm rest.

Orthopedic Service Company in Chapel Hill, NC is proud to offer a wide variety of power chairs with different types of mobility features. By providing our customer with a power chair that adjusts to their specific needs, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Get Full Time Mobility Assistance with a Power Chair 

As mobility specialists, we provide our customers with a select line of power chairs in Chapel Hill, NC.

Our power chairs’ lightweight characteristics make them easily transportable in mobility vehicles. Some don’t require an auto lift and can easily be disassembled without using any tools.

For users that lack full use of their hands and arms, our power chairs can be modified further to be operated by mouth or other body parts.

We offer both outdoor and indoor power chairs.  Heavy duty power chairs that hold large motors, frames, and wheels that are perfect for outdoor uneven terrain, while light power chairs with smaller bases are best suited for maneuvering in tight indoor spaces.


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Contact Orthopedic Service Company today and talk with our mobility experts. Tell us all about your specific mobility needs and requirements, and we will make sure to find the right power chair for you.

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