Power Scooters in Cary, NC

Many people in the Cary, NC area suffer from handicaps, disabilities, or mobility impairments that make it difficult for them to get around as they once did. This could be due to advancing age, an injury, or anything in between.

No matter what the reason, when it comes to buying and using power scooters, Cary NC residents are encouraged to reach out to Orthopedic Service Company for a great selection of quality scooters that can add many benefits to their lives.

When a Wheelchair Just Won’t Cut It

Man in super market riding a 4 wheeled scooterIn Cary, NC, power scooters are often purchased when wheelchairs fail to do an effective job.

While wheelchairs can be an excellent mobility option, they do have some downsides.

For instance, they typically require a lot of upper body strength and mobility or the aid of a caregiver in order to be used effectively.

For those individuals who do not have the strength to successfully maneuver a  wheelchair and/or who wish to get around on their own without help, a mobility scooter is the perfect alternative or accompaniment to a wheelchair.

When You Want to Travel Long Distances

Power scooters can also be a great option when you want to travel far and wide. While wheelchairs or walkers are fine for getting to the grocery store or running a few errands, scooters offer the ease, power, and accessibility you need to travel great distances without growing tired.

While most models will need regular charging, a full charge can take you very far! Plus, charging or changing out the battery is very easy. Thus, these scooters enable you to go anywhere and everywhere with comfort.

When You’re Trying to Recover

Not everyone who uses assistive devices is permanently disabled. Some individuals may simply be recovering from a recent injury or dealing with a temporary health condition.

In these cases, mobility scooters are highly desirable. They don’t cause any strain or discomfort to the body, which can enable the user to heal more quickly and to get back into the swing of things sooner than ever!

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No matter your reasons for wanting or using a mobility scooter and no matter how long you need to use it, we’ve got you covered!

Here at Orthopedic Service Company, we’re proud to offer a wide range of scooters for all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.

We invite you to  contact us today so that we can get to know and ultimately meet your mobility needs in Cary, NC.