Power Scooters in Chapel Hill, NC

When it comes to buying power scooters, Chapel Hill, NC residents need to be careful about where they purchase them from.

Contrary to popular belief, not all of these scooters are the same. For best results, scooters need to come from trusted manufacturers, be well-made, and offer the kind of durability users can rely on.

To ensure you get the very best scooter money can buy, whether for yourself or a loved one, buy from Orthopedic Service Company. You’ll be glad you did!


For those in Chapel Hill, NC, power scooters need to be as versatile as possible. While the city itself is very walkable and accessible, not all scooters are up to the task of getting around the area.

Some scooters might make it to the nearest store and back, if you’re lucky, but do you really want to be confined by your scooter and its limitations?

The whole point of buying a scooter in the first place is so that you can enjoy greater freedom and mobility. Don’t limit that by buying a cheap scooter that peters out after a few blocks!

Instead, invest in one of our scooters, which are all designed to hold a charge for a long period of time and to take you anywhere and everywhere you might want to go—both in Chapel Hill and beyond! 


Often, people compare power scooters and wheelchairs. And, when they discover that wheelchairs tend to be the cheaper option, they sometimes consider choosing those over scooters.

While you could do that, know that a scooter will offer you a lot more independence. You won’t need to bring a caregiver along to push you the way you might with a wheelchair.

Instead, with a motorized scooter, you’re in control at every (literal!) turn. If you yearn for independence and self-sufficiency, a motorized scooter from us is the right choice for you.


Finally, you’ll be glad to know that our mobility scooters are a whole lot safer than other options.

When you try to maneuver a wheelchair or a walker by yourself, it’s all too easy to get weak, fall, and/or injure yourself. Even with someone pushing you in a wheelchair, these things still pose a risk. After all, it takes a long of strength and energy to successfully use a wheelchair or walker!

Opt for a motorized scooter, however, and you’re safely strapped in, secure, and ready to go. Using your scooter requires almost no effort from you, not only keeping you safe and strong, but also preserving your energy so that you can enjoy life and all that it has to offer.

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