Power Scooters in Durham, NC

Everyone deserves the chance to get outside and be active whenever they want. That includes those with handicaps, mobility impairments, or difficulty getting around due to advanced age.

No matter the reason, if you have trouble getting around and about but still want to experience life to the fullest, then consider investing in a power scooter!

And, when it comes to finding great, affordably priced power scooters, Durham, NC residents are in luck. They can explore the wide selection of scooters available through Orthopedic Service Company.

Better than a Wheelchair

In Durham, NC power scooters are a popular option, but wheelchairs are too. And, given the fact that wheelchairs can sometimes be cheaper than scooters, many people wonder why they should choose scooters instead.

The answer, though, is pretty simple. While a wheelchair requires manual effort or a caregiver to push it along, scooters are motor-operated, which means they move and work much more easily.

Why get weak maneuvering a wheelchair or rely on a caregiver when you go anywhere you want, on your time and in your own way, with a motorized scooter?

Go the Distance

Sometimes, people avoid power scooters because they don’t want to have to stop to charge them or to change out the battery.

However, while “powering up” is part of owning a power scooter, the charge can last for a very, very long time. Thus, if you want to travel great distances without worry, you can! These scooters are designed for daily, extended use and will give you lots of mileage per charging session.

Increase Independence

When you invest in mobility scooters, you also invest in your own independence. If you’re tired of relying on other people to get you places or of having to line up a caregiver before you agree to any outing, a scooter is exactly what you need.

And, if the scooter isn’t for you but for a loved one, you can feel great in knowing that you’re not just giving a simple gift. You’re giving the gift: a gift of freedom and independence, which nothing else can possibly compare to.

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