Enjoy a superior drive performance that’ll take you anywhere you want to go with the power wheelchair Sunrise Medical QM7 with Sedeo Ergo seating.

Feel secure wherever you go, while travelling farther and taking on new challenges with the intelligent design and industry leading technology behind this power wheelchair.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we proudly work alongside one of the best brands in the market to offer you the best in mobility solutions.

Move around with ease with the QM7 Sedeo Ergo Sunrise Medical power wheelchair

Redefining technology when it comes to mobility vehicles, the power wheelchair Sunrise Medical QM7 Sedeo Ergo offers a transportation experience like no other. Providing great indoor maneuverability with outstanding outdoor performance, it takes you anywhere you need to be.

Its revolutionary seating system is designed for maximum comfort, keeping the user supported at all times even while in tilt, recline or elevation, allowing you to drive up to 3 mph while elevating. The SpiderTrac 2.0 suspension brings great performance and security.

Providing an intuitive drive and better wheel contact, this power chair takes you wherever you want to go. Enhanced driving performance due to its Suretrac option keeps the chair driving straight over irregular terrain.

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Being experts in mobility, we proudly offer our customers greater freedom of mobility under any type of terrain and circumstance due to the power wheelchair Sunrise Medical QM7 Sedeo Ergo.

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