Pride Mobility Solutions in Chapel Hill NC

As one of the main providers of personal mobility products, Pride is a Made in the USA brand whose mission is to help those with mobility needs enjoy the highest quality of life possible. At Orthopedic Service Company, we are proud to work alongside Pride in order to help them achieve their goal of bringing Pride to Chapel Hill, NC residents. 

Pride Mobility’s complete line of products includes a wide range of power chairs, seat lift chairs, and scooters with top quality features and engineering, developed in their state of the art facilities in Pennsylvania by a robust team of experienced technicians who understand that the innovation race comes with no finish line.

Being the lead distributors of mobility products in the Southeast, we couldn’t be more overjoyed to present our customers with a diverse catalog of solutions, including, but not limited to, the ones provided by this top manufacturer. 

Pride Mobility Solutions at Hand

In order to achieve their goals and provide users with the best mobility solutions in the healthcare industry, Pride Mobility works under a customer-first Brown power recliner in living roomphilosophy, meaning each product is developed with the user’s needs in mind. 

Customers visiting OSC’s showroom can come test and purchase the best that Pride has to offer in Chapel Hill, NC. The brand’s tremendous line of powerful and innovative seat lift chairs comprise a wide set of affordable solutions, each of them with key features developed to provide the best possible seating experience, comprised by numerous reclining positions that adjust to the user’s particular needs. The Pride LC 358M®, the LC 515IL®, LC 525 IM®, and LC 580 IM® are developed in a way that ensures maximum durability and a driving experience like no other. 

As for Pride’s line of scooters, the Go-Go Elite Traveler® allows users to easily maneuver in tight spaces while providing stable outdoor performance, while the Go-Go Sport® offers high-performance and convenience on-the-go, thanks to its feather-touch disassembly system which permits simple frame separation with only one hand. 

And, when it comes to Pride’s power wheelchairs, users can choose between the 4Front® and iLevel® models, both designed to make transportation easier, faster, and more amenable to everyday life.

These one of a kind products all offer a tremendous set of features aimed at providing the best and safest ride experience possible. 

Your Lead Distributor of Pride in Chapel Hill NC

Home of one of the largest medical equipment showrooms in the Southeast, Orthopedic Service Company offers an impressive inventory of quality mobility products for our clients.

As lead distributors of Pride in Chapel Hill, NC, we’re thrilled to continue working towards our goal of providing innovative solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients and allow them to live happier, healthier, and more independent lives. Give us a call today to learn more.