Pride Products At Orthopedic Service Company

When it comes to personal mobility products, Pride Mobility stands as one of the leaders in its market. With a wide line of power chairs, seat lift chairs and scooters amongst many others, Pride products stand above the rest thanks to their innovative engineering and design, incorporating technologically innovative features that enable consumers to achieve the best quality of life and mobility goals.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we work hard to become your one-stop-mobility shop in North Carolina, working hand in hand with the best brands and manufacturers in the field in order to arrange a catalogue that offers every solution you may need to achieve a better, more independent living.

That is why we make sure to only offer the best. By delivering our customers the finest overall value in mobility equipment, we feel certain that customers will be left satisfied, not just with the products we offer but with the attention we pay to our outstanding service.

Pride Mobility Solutions At Hand

At Orthopedic Service Company we provide several Pride products meant to facilitate the lives of our mobility impaired customers.

Starting with some of the most comfortable and innovative seat lift chairs in the market, we bring you affordable models such as the Pride LC 358M, the LC 515IL, LC 525 IM and LC 580 IM, each of them with a unique set of features meant to bring you the best possible seating experience thanks to their breakthrough technology, numerous reclining positions and great durability capable of accompanying you for a lifetime.

Our catalogue also offers Pride Mobility’s top scooters and power wheelchairs, all meant to create a unique ride experience that takes their user further than any other mobility vehicle out there.

The Scooter Pride Victory Sport, for example, has been manufactured with those who enjoy an active lifestyle, while the innovative Go-Go Elite Traveller provides the fastest way to move around, with a feather-touch disassembly that turns it into 5 lightweight pieces for easier transport and storage.

On the same line, Pride’s power wheelchairs, such as the 4Front and iLevel, have been designed to make users transportation easier, faster and more adjusted to daily living, combining unique features that turn them into one of a kind products.

Your Trusted Source For Pride Mobility Products

Choosing amongst so many great options can be a hard task, but not so much so when you have the help of a specialist to guide you through it all, asking the right questions in order to better understand your lifestyle and necessities. Through this process, our expert staff will make sure to offer you only the best mobility solutions for your specific requirements, leaving you satisfied and well on your way to a more independent life.

Contact us today or visit our showroom to find out all you need to know about the variety of Pride products we have in store to help you choose the right one to fit you.