Quantum Rehab in Durham, NC

As a family branch of Pride Mobility, Quantum Rehab specializes in providing a complex line of consumer-inspired rehab mobility technologies. With products made in the USA and engineered by a robust team of experienced technicians who custom-build each chair specifically to the individual consumer’s needs, Quantum Rehab stands out in the mobility field thanks to the confidence and stability its power wheelchairs provide to users.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we feel proud to be the main distributors of Quantum Rehab in Durham, NC and of staying true to our mission to bring independence and freedom of mobility to Southeast area residents.

Quantum Rehab iLevel Power Wheelchairs

As a mobility products company, Pride, and its branch Quantum Rehab, stand out for their perfectly designed, expertly engineered, and thoroughly tested products, such as the iLevel power wheelchair.

Engineered with practical features in mind, these globally innovative power wheelchairs make all daily living activities easy and possible, offering greater independence and autonomy to the user in the process.

Users operating the iLevel power wheelchair are able to enjoy safer, standing height living by keeping their seat fully elevated on a walking speed, which permits them to enjoy greater social interactions and access to common areas of the home.

Also, the patented Extra Stability Technology keeps transfers, reaching, and many other daily activities safe, while a specialized design allows the user to make fine adjustments to reach optimal positioning while seated.

The power wheelchair Pride iLevel allows up to 50º of tilt and 85º-175º of recline, with retrofit power tilt and power recline features. Easy back height, depth, and center of gravity adjustments provide a comfortable ride, complemented with premium accessories, such as a complimentary cup holder and optional attendant controls.

When fully elevated, this power wheelchair can drive up to 3.5 mph and hold a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs, or up to 400 lbs in the Q6 Edge HD Power Chair.

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