Quantum Rehab Raleigh, NC

Many people in the Raleigh, NC area require mobility products and medical equipment for themselves or their loved ones. If you’re among them, you’ll be glad to know that, here at Orthopedic Service Company, we have everything you could ever need!

We’re proud to offer wheelchairs, wheelchair lift systems, orthopedic supplies, and so much more. We’re also a certified seller of Quantum Rehab products. In fact, when it comes to getting products from Quantum Rehab in Raleigh, we’re one of the only dealers to offer a wide range of the brand’s renowned items.

Why Quantum Rehab?

While we offer a diverse range of products, we have to say that nothing beats our Quantum Rehab selection.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, it considers itself as a “premier global innovator” when it comes to rehab mobility products. Best known for its power chairs, Quantum Rehab delivers high-quality, comfortable, and durable items that you can depend on.

Unfortunately, in Raleigh Quantum Rehab products are not widely available. That’s partially because the brand is selective about who it chooses to partner with. After all, it has a reputation to uphold!

Thankfully, we meet the standards for quality and customer service that Quantum Rehab upholds, and that’s because we uphold those same values as well. So, if you want a great item from a great, trustworthy, seller, turn to us!

Orthopedic Service Company and Quantum Rehab are, together, a match made in heaven!

Custom Built Power Chairs

Perhaps the biggest thing that sets the Quantum Rehab line of products apart from the rest is the fact that all of its power chairs are custom-made. This means that each and every chair gets a lot of specialized care and attention from one of the world’s top technicians. Thus, you’re not just getting some straight-off-the-assembly-line chair that’s just like all the rest. You’re getting a super high-quality chair, made to your exact specifications and needs- a chair you can depend on for many years to come, maybe even for the rest of your life!

Here at Orthopedic Service Company, we only offer products we can stand behind. After all, our reputation is on the line every time we sell a product, no matter who made it. For that reason ,we take care to seek out and offer the very best products available, and chairs from Quantum Rehab certainly fit the bill!

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Want to check out our showroom and see what Quantum Rehab products we have to offer? Or, maybe you’d like to give us a call first and ask a few questions.

No matter where you currently are in the browsing or buying process, we’re always glad to help in any way we can. We invite you to get in touch with us today! Whether you buy one of our Quantum Rehab chairs or anything else we offer or even nothing at all, we look forward to being of service to you!