For people with mobility issues, an extra set of steps, a raised porch, or deck can pose a major barrier, especially when having to use a wheelchair to move around. The residential vertical wheelchair lifts Harmar IL500 provides users with full access to their home and yard without hassles or inconvenient transfers.

Due to its innovative design, the IL500 perfectly transports a manual wheelchair and its user of up to 500 lbs up a straight stairway, while at the same time providing an integrated seat option for use as a stair lift.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we proudly bring our customers in North Carolina only the best in the market. We work hand in hand with manufacturers, such as Harmar, one of the leading brands when it comes to mobility solutions, in order to provide the ultimate freedom of movement and accessibility, all while keeping safety a top priority as we work only with ADA Approved products.


Accessibility At All Levels

The residential vertical wheelchair lifts Harmar IL500 requires no wall modifications, meaning you can save extra money and time when it comes to its installation process.

Its lightweight design is sturdy enough to hold up to 500 lbs in capacity and fit most wheelchairs up to 36” in length. Since it requires no major load – bearing wall modifications, it enables a wall-free installation, using a free-standing post kit and space saving configuration.

Once folded, the platform only measures 13” wide. An overspeed governor, upper and lower landing and final limits, obstruction sensors in both the under platform safety pan and in the ramp, and a non-skid surface make it surprisingly safe to transport a user’s manual wheelchair through a set of steps.


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