A vertical platform lift, such as the residential vertical wheelchair lifts Harmar RPL, provides a safe, affordable and space saving solution to people with mobility needs, for whom an extra set of steps, raised deck or porch can be a major inconvenience.

As one of the leading brands in the market of mobility solutions, Harmar has developed the RPL to be as cost effective as possible.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we proudly provide our customers with every tool necessary for them to live a more independent and accessible life. Discover everything the residential vertical wheelchair lifts Harmar RPL can offer you.

A More Accessible Home

When riding a wheelchair or a scooter, an extra set of steps can be a major barrier to overcome. In these scenarios, homeowners and caregivers can feel at ease with the aide that the residential vertical wheelchair lifts Harmar RPL can offer them.

Its automatic, folding access ramp provides a smooth transfer into the lift, while its solid platform with no skid surface adds extra safety. Users can feel at ease using the paddle switch controls and emergency stop button, knowing that if the lifts meet an obstruction, a sensitive safety pan on the bottom of the platform stops it from working.

Since the Harmar RPL has a weather resistant design, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces, providing users greater and safer freedom of mobility at an affordable cost, and giving them greater independence and comfort to move around the variety of spaces in their own home.

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