The seat lift chair Golden Relaxer series provides you with a set of highly customizable features that are capable of offering the ultimate seating experience with comfort that you’ve never felt before.

Made with Golden’s MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology, this seat lift chair brings you just the right spinal alignment with back pressure relief and circulation improvement.

Its technologically advanced system comes with a set of pre-programmed positions made to provide an incredibly comfortable and adjustable experience to fit your specific needs. Choose between positions such as TV Watching, Sleep, Zero Gravity and Trendelenburg until you find the right one for your needs.

Technology in the service of comfort

A customized recline experience is now possible thanks to the seat lift chair Golden Relaxer’s design. Manufactured with premium materials and under the highest quality controls, users can rest assured that their purchase is worth every cent and backed up by the best warranties in the industry.

The patented MaxiComfort positioning technology provides infinite back recline positions to provide adjustable lumbar support, along with plush, rounded armrests to support your arms and lower back. This combined with the full chaise seat and leg pad support means you won’t find a more comfortable chair in the market.

Made locally in the USA, this chair easily raises to a standing position, while keeping you safe in case of power outages due to its battery backup system that’s capable of bringing the chair from being reclined to a seated position.

Choose the one for you

At Orthopedic Service Company, we proudly provide our customers with a product as great as the seat lift chair Golden Relaxer. With 5 standard fabric covers to choose from, it will certainly fit any room decor while providing rest and comfort like no other.

Contact Orthopedic Service Company today and speak with one of our mobility specialists. They will happily guide you through your purchase and make sure you’ve selected the bestchair for you.