For a person with mobility issues, going up and down stairs can be impossible without the assistance of a mobility aid, such as a stair lift. In these cases, the installment of a Bruno Elan indoor stair lift contributes to making your home a more accessible, comfortable place for you or your loved one with limited movement abilities.

As the best selling straight stairlift from the American and leading brand, Bruno, the Elan comes standard with a variety of features that adjust to the specific needs of each user and provide years of dependable use.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we are proud to work alongside one of the most trusted manufacturers in the market of mobility to offer customers the stair lift Bruno Elan Indoor.

Dependable, compact and customizable to fit you and your space

One of the factors that makes the stair lift Bruno Elan indoor so popular is its compact rail design and appearance once the seat, arms and footrest are folded. All of this is made to leave plenty of space on the staircase for the rest of the family.

With the available option of a power or manual folding rail for narrow hallways, or when the doorway stands at the bottom of the stairs, you can rest assured that your home space will be hardly affected by the installment of the stairlift.

This reliable and easy-to-use stairlift provides you or your loved one facing mobility issues with a quiet and smooth ride up and down stairs, allowing greater independence and freedom of movement.

Its multiple options adjust to the specific needs of each user, whom will be able to depend on it even during power outages due to its battery system and continuous charge strips. At the same time, an added seat belt, obstruction sensors and offset swivel seat bring extra security for a safe ride.

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