For those facing mobility issues, going up and down the stairs is challenging and can only be solved by installing a stair lift. The stair lift Bruno Elite Indoor Straight combines the quality of a smooth ride with a stylized design that adjusts to your home’s environment.

This high quality stair lift offers different customization options, including upholstery design that fits your space. Boasting adjustable-width armrests, footrest height and seat height, along with one of the largest weight capacities in the market of up to 400 pounds, the Bruno Elite indoor straight stair lift could be the absolute best option to fulfill your needs.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we proudly work alongside one of the most trustworthy and made in America brands in the field that offers great mobility solutions that adjust to you.


Safety, style and comfort combined

The stair lift Bruno Elite Indoor straight comes with a wide array of customization options, such as upholstery, other improvements like adding a larger seat pad or footrest, a power swivel seat for effortless boarding and exiting, and many others.  

An arm rest rocker switch allows for easier operation, while safety sensors and seat belts are added for maximum safety. Users can rest assured that their stair lift will work the same even during power outages, due to its charge strips along the rail power unit that provide continuous charge anytime the lift isn’t being used.

Its manual flip-up arms, seat and footrest leave plenty of extra space on the steps for the rest of the family members, while an onboard diagnostics facilitates service.


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Made in the USA under the highest quality standards and using the most innovative technology, the stair lift Bruno Elite Indoor Straight provides users greater independence and freedom of movement around their own home for an improved quality of life.

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