For the elderly and others facing mobility problems, the process of going up and down stairs can be a difficult and dangerous task. However, with the installment of a stair lift Harmar Pinnacle SL600, you or your loved ones can enjoy access and freedom of movement to every level of the home!

Coming from one of the top and most reliable brands in the market of mobility products, the Pinnacle SL600 is an effective and durable device, combining top design and technology to create a stair lift that stands out amongst the rest.

Due to its patented Helical Worm Gear and reinforced Nylon Polymer Gear Rack installed in its drive system, this is a stair lift that barely requires maintenance, saves power, and offers a smooth and stable ride you can feel safe in.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we proudly work alongside one of the best brands in the market to bring this top mobility product to you.

Comfort, design and functionality all in one

Offering a 350lb capacity with a wide and comfortable seat, the stair  lift Harmar Pinnacle SL600 is an exceptionally compact stair lift folds up to 10.5” and operates during power outages, unlike other options that occupy too much space.

Its seat swivels at the top landing, making it safe and easy to enter and exit the lift, while safety sensors keep it from running if it isn’t placed in the proper position or encounters any blockages along the track.

Switches and controls disappear thanks to its mechanical operation system, and it’s low maintenance, easy to clean, make it the perfect housemate.

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