For people facing mobility issues, stairs are an obstacle that can be almost impossible to use, if not just plain dangerous to surpass. Stair lifts are a great aid to have installed for the elderly or differently abled to stay and home and enjoy access to ever level of their living space.

The stair lift Harmar Pinnacle SL600HD comes as one of the best in their niche, a comfortable and secure device meant to help you or your loved one enjoy greater independence and freedom of mobility.

Designed to follow the industry’s highest quality standards and provide comfort and convenience, the Pinnacle features a premium ride with little to no maintenance, extraordinary weight capacity of up to 600 lbs, and a great ease of access.

Top design and engineering for a superior experience

Coming from one of the leading brands in the market of mobility, the stair lift Harmar Pinnacle SL600HD is engineered under the highest quality standards, assuring a secure and comfortable ride like no other in the market.

Its high-backed, contoured 25” wide plush upholstered seat provide a premium and stable experience that is made safer due to its stationary armrests and reinforced footrest, sliding out from the walls as it pivots at top landing.

Safety sensors in the footrest and chassis keep the user secure, by stopping the lift automatically in case of obstruction, while its operating control in the armrest helps them maintain control over the device, which is powerful enough to travel up to a 52 degree incline and runs even in the case of power interruptions with its DC drive.

Holding the industry’s highest weight capacity of up to 600 lbs, the stair lift Harmar Pinnacle SL600HD is easy to install and requires very low maintenance, making it a convenient solution for your home.

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