High Quality Stair Lifts in Durham, NC

Orthopedic Service Company makes finding the ideal stair lifts in Durham, NC a much easier task. Stairlifts help seniors, the handicapped or people with impaired mobility to gain increased accessibility in and around their home, allowing them to reach every corner of it in a safer, easier way.

A stair lift consists of a device that attaches to the staircase in your home to improve mobility. The user is able to sit on the stair lift chair and go up and down the stairs by themselves, enjoying greater independence and quality of life while being able to move comfortably around their home.

Engineered and designed by two of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry., Orthopedic Service Company offers their customers high quality stair lifts in Durham, NC.


Why Choose a Stair Lift for your Home?

Stair lifts can be a perfect match for anyone who’s able to stand but needs an extra help when trying to make the climb. They allow the elderly or handicapped to gain much better access to their homes, facilitating their moving up and down the stairs independently and safely.

Here at Orthopedic Service Company we offer intuitive, easy to operate, customizable stair lifts, meaning we are able to adjust them to fit to any type of staircase, either straight or curved, while necessitating the least wall modifications possible and meeting any necessary property requirements.


How to Choose the Best Stair Lift for You? 

Our stair lifts take up very little space, being able to fold up and allow extra room to use the stairs whenever it’s not in use.

For our clients in Durham, North Carolina, Orthopedic Service Company offers customizable stair lifts, designed to fit your needs but also those details regarding your home’s specific configuration.

The stairlifts we offer come from two of the top brands in the industry: Bruno and Harmar.


The Bruno stair lift sets the standard for all other stairlifts in the market given its seamless design and a capacity to accommodate up to 400lbs. These indoor stairlifts are built taking every budget and space into consideration. Learn more about the Bruno stairlift.



Built in the USA, Harmar stairlifts offer innovative engineering and design from a manufacturer you can trust. Their features include a narrow profile, advanced bending technology for smoother turns and ergonomic seating. Learn more about the Harmar stairlift.


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A top of the brand, high quality stair lift chair from Orthopedic Service Company can help you enjoy your home on all levels, while keeping safety as a primary concern and allowing you the confidence and freedom to move around as you wish.

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