Sunrise Medical Products At Orthopedic Service Company

As a company, Sunrise Medical shares a lot with us at Orthopedic Service Company, which is why we’re proud to present their products as part of our catalogue in mobility solutions.

Sunrise Medical products are manufactured in their own facilities located strategically around the world, including the United States, with the goal of improving the lives of their users through innovative, high quality design that promotes a more independent and involved lifestyle.

As global leaders in the development, design, manufacture and distribution of a great range of rehabilitation and mobility solutions, Sunrise Medical brings to Orthopedic Service Company their groundbreaking scooters and wheelchairs, providing a complete and satisfying service that includes after sales help and support.

Your Trusted Dealer For Sunrise Medical Products

Being a global reaching brand Sunrise Medical products can be acquired through a chain of specialized dealers, Orthopedic Service Company being the chosen ones in North Carolina.

For us, the opportunity to bring this company’s outstanding scooters and wheelchairs is something we do not take lightly. As part of our catalogue, you can find the innovative QM-7 with Sedeo Ergo Model power wheelchair, a one of a kind piece of equipment meant to travel farther and take on new challenges thanks to a superior drive performance, intelligent design and industry leading electronics.

In the case of manual wheelchairs, all components of the Quickie series stand out thanks to their top of the line materials and technology, providing greater independence through their features and engineering. As is the case of the foldable, ultra light-weight Quickie 2 model or the Quickie Iris Manual Tilt wheelchair, who proudly owns the title of the ultimate tilt-in-space wheelchair because of its broad-range of positioning and caregiver options.

As for users looking to enjoy the ultimate freedom of movement, the Sunrise Medical’s Quickie 7 Series is also a part of what we offer as an ultra lightweight wheelchair with customized ergonomics and premium materials meant to fit the active user like a glove.

Trust OSC To Take You Where You Need To Go

At Orthopedic Service Company, we’ve made it our mission as a company to become your one-stop mobility shop, providing customers in North Carolina with everything they need to achieve a more independent living and go further than their limitations. This is why we make sure to work with only the best brands in the market, offering innovative solutions such as Sunrise Medical products.

Come visit our showroom today and see for yourself all we can offer to fit your specific needs.