Transfer Lift for the Elderly in Chapel Hill, NC

When you have an elderly loved one in your home, you’ll likely find that, as time passes, they experience more difficulty doing things that were once easy.

For example, many elderly people will start to have difficulties accessing raised areas of the home, getting into bed, and climbing into or out of the bathtub or shower.

Whatever the case may be, if your loved one is having a hard time maneuvering in your home, know that you do have options and products that can help you. One such option is a transfer lift, which can make it much easier to move an elderly person from one place to another.

And, when it comes to finding a great transfer lift, Chapel Hill, NC residents are in luck. They can explore a great selection and get expert help and advice from the professionals at Orthopedic Service Company.


In Chapel Hill, NC, transfer lifts can be pricey. For many people, in fact, the cost is what keeps them from getting the lift they need.

If you’re concerned about cost, however, don’t give up! Here at Orthopedic Services Company, we’re proud to offer some of the most reasonable lift prices you’ll find anywhere. Plus, since our selection of lifts is so wide, we can find something that suits just about any budget without sacrificing quality in the process.


With all of the transfer lifts that we sell, we keep safety as our number one priority! That’s why we offer only the most well-made, high-quality products.

What’s more is that our lifts aren’t just designed to protect the user. While they certainly do that, they are also designed to protect the caregiver as well. Our lifts take the strain and pressure off of the caregiver’s back and body for a smooth, easy lifting experience that benefits and protects everyone involved.


When people imagine an in-home transfer lift, they often envision it as big, bulky, and difficult to use. However, that’s not the case at all—or at least it doesn’t have to be if you shop with us!

All of our lifts are incredibly user-friendly and simply but effectively designed. We’ll even provide instructions on how to use them if needed to ensure that you feel 100% confident in using your lift to improve your life and the lives of those you care about.

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As you can see, a good transfer lift can make all the difference in your life! To learn more and to explore our large inventory we have available for Chapel Hill, NC residents, reach out to us today! We’ll do everything we can to match you with the ideal lift at a price you can afford.