Transfer Lift for the Elderly in Durham, NC

Transfer lifts are specialized lifts that are designed to transport people from one place to another. Often, this “place” is onto or out of a bed, into or out of a tub or shower, or anything in between.

These lifts are commonly used with the elderly, the handicapped, and those with mobility impairments. And, when it comes to buying a transfer lift, Durham, NC residents have a great resource in Orthopedic Service Company.

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of quality lifts for people with all kinds of needs and from all types of backgrounds. If you’re ready to have a transfer lift in your home, as well as all of the benefits that it can bring, we’re just a phone call away!

Caregiver Protection

In Durham, NC, transfer lift purchases are often made by caregivers, such as the family or loved ones of a person with mobility issues.

More often than not, these people are buying a transfer lift to try and make life easier on the one they love. What they often don’t realize, however, is that they could be making life easier for themselves in the process.

Good, quality transfer lifts, like the ones we sell, are designed to protect not just the person being transferred, but the person assisting them as well. It’s all too easy for a caregiver to throw out their back or sustain another injury when trying to lift or hoist another person. With a transfer lift, though, all that heavy lifting goes out the window.

Once the person is properly situated in the lift, the lift does all the hard work. This protects the caregiver and, by extension, the person in need of care. After all, if the caregiver is out of commission and can’t provide aid, then how can the disabled, injured, or elderly person continue to flourish?


While good transfer lifts provide unexpected protection to the caregiver, they also protect the user of the lift as well.

Though different types of lifts exist, all of the ones we offer are designed to fully support and protect the user from start to finish. They’re also designed to be comfortable and easy to use so that users get where they need to be without strain, pain, difficulty, or risk.


No matter which of our in-home transfer lift options you choose, the lift will be incredibly easy to use. In fact, our team of mobility experts will even show you how to use it and offer instructions and advice as needed!

Our lifts are so user-friendly, in fact, that they can often eliminate the need for additional caregivers. With most lifts and patients, just one caregiver is sufficient to operate the lift, which can save money and make your household run a lot more smoothly!

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If you’re feeling confident about our lifts and their ability to improve your life and the life of your loved one, then you’re on the right track! Our lifts truly are all they’re cracked up to be.

To learn more or to find the perfect lift for you and your needs in Durham, NC, contact us today. We can’t wait to assist you!