Vertical Lifts Durham, NC

If you have a wheelchair user in your family, vertical lifts can really come in handy. A vertical lift can lift a person and/or a wheelchair up and down stairs and into other spaces that would be difficult or even impossible for them to maneuver otherwise.

Thankfully, when it comes to these helpful vertical lifts, Durham, NC residents have an easy way to access them. Through the experts here at Orthopedic Service Company, you and your family can find the perfect life for your lifestyle.

We proudly offer a wide range of lifts and will even help you to choose the exact right one to meet your unique needs

Enclosed Lifts

One type of vertical lift you can choose from is an enclosed lift.

With this model, the lifting actually happens “behind the scenes,” much like with an elevator.

The lift, while easily accessible, is located within the walls of a structure making for simple, secure loading and safe lifting and delivery to the desired location.

These types of lifts are preferable when you don’t want the lift to be very obvious or noticeable or when you don’t have a lot of space within your home.

Stage Lifts

Often, when people think of vertical lifts, they think of lifts that are designed to lift people to great heights, such as up a flight of stairs.

And, while there certainly are lifts that are designed to do just that, stage lifts are for lifting people less distance.

Maybe you just have trouble getting a loved one up that small incline to a room or out into the yard. Or, perhaps you need a lift for entering and exiting a vehicle.

Whatever the case may be, for moving smaller distances, a stage lift can really come in handy.

Stair or Shaftway Lifts

Perhaps the most common type of vertical lifts, stair or shaftway lifts are designed to move people and their wheelchairs larger distances, usually upstairs or downstairs.

These lifts come in all kinds of styles, types, and designs and can actually be relatively unobtrusive. Many even fold away when not in use, making them less obvious and allowing them to take up less space while still providing their necessary function.

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