Porch Lifts in Cary, NC

A vertical porch lift allows its users more freedom of mobility without the hassle of transferring from their wheelchairs, scooters or power chairs to go through spaces in their homes. When you’re looking for a high quality vertical porch lift in Cary, North Carolina, look no further than Orthopedic Service Company.

High Quality Equipment And Services At Your Reach

As one of the largest providers of medical equipment for the Cary, North Carolina area, Orthopedic Service Company only works with the highest quality brands, making sure all of our products are ADA compliant and meet all National Accessibility Guidelines.

We are proud to carry leading brands, Bruno and Harmar, and we trust them enough to know that their vertical porch lifts offer a wide variety of features to adjust and fulfill our customer’s needs.

Bruno Vertical Porch Lifts 

Available for use in both residential and commercial buildings, Bruno vertical porch lifts offer features such as weather protected controls for indoor/outdoor use, a bottom platform safety barrier, lift heights of up to 14 feet, a limited warranty, safety sensors and more. Learn more about the Bruno porch lifts here.

Harmar Vertical Porch Lifts

Being one of the top brands in the market, Harmar vertical porch lifts include automatic, folding access ramp, a solid platform with non-skid surface for added safety, weather resistant design for indoor and outdoor use and more. Learn about the Harmar vertical porch lifts and our available models here.


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When looking for the best possible options the market has to offer regarding vertical porch lifts in the Cary, NC area, look no further! Orthopedic Service Company and its team of mobility experts will help you go through all the details you need, making sure to provide a solution that adjusts to you and your home or business.

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