A vertical platform lift provides wheelchair users with better access to raised porches, decks, etc. due to a seamless vertical transportation that makes it a great alternative to ramps for commercial and residential buildings.  

Offering a cost-effective access solution to the user’s home, the vertical wheelchair lifts Bruno VPL 3100b/VPL 3200b provide an easy operation and smooth and quiet ride from one of the best and most reliable brands in the field of mobility.

This vertical wheelchair lift can be installed both outdoors and indoors, allowing wheelchair or scooter transportation in an elevator-like manner that only needs the user to roll onto the platform to lift themselves at the touch of a button.

A Lift To Fulfill Your Needs

Coming from one of the most trusted mobility brands in the market, the vertical wheelchair lifts Bruno VPL 3100b/VPL 3200b are automatic self lowering folding ramps with non-skid platform, a weather resistant unit coating and controls, offering a quiet and smooth ride with the best safety and usage features you can find.

Its emergency stop switch on platform and safety sensors in its platform bottom make it easy to stop the unit from functioning in the case of obstruction or emergencies of any kind. It offers a continuous pressure rocker switch control and an affordable AC power in its 4 and 6 foot units. Additionally, the reliable DC battery power available in all travel heights ensure you can continue to operate the lift even during a power outage.

With a Gold warranty of two years on its major components and one year on parts, you can rely on these high-quality vertical platform lifts.

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