A vertical platform lift rids the limits for wheelchair users when moving between floor levels by bringing easy access to raised porches, decks, etc. due to seamless vertical transportation.

When looking to make your commercial space accessible to all, the vertical wheelchair lifts Bruno VPL 3300B are a cost-effective alternative to elevators and long ramp systems.

Consisting of four vertical platform lifts designed specifically with commercial applications in mind, this easy-to-use, sturdy and durable lift provides wheelchair or power chair users with a safe and reliable transport and accomodation.

The vertical wheelchair lifts Bruno VPL 3300B offers an affordable, compact and ADA compliant solution to your mobility needs.

A Lift To Fit Your Needs

As a commercial use enclosed lift, the vertical wheelchair lifts Bruno VPL 3300B provide smooth operation and a quiet ride.

The Bruno VPL 3300B is installed inside a preexisting shaftway, providing an easy transfer to the platform due to its fixed ramp that allows wheelchair and scooter users to enter the lift safely and comfortably.

Manufactured by one of the best brands in the market, the VPL 3300B saves you both money and space. It brings users comfort and stability due to an automatically powered, self-lowering ramp that makes platform boarding and exit much smoother.  

As an ADA Compliant mobility solution, the VPL 3300B is suitable both for indoor and outdoor applications, providing an accessible aide to commercial and public spaces.

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