Wheelchair Lifts In Chapel Hill, NC

For people with limited mobility, a set of stairs can be a difficult challenge that keeps them from enjoying the comforts of their own home. 

At Orthopedic Service Company, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the freedom of mobility they’ve been longing for. We provide a wide stock of wheelchair lifts for Chapel Hill, NC residents to choose from. 

Working alongside some of the best brands in the market, we provide our customers with the opportunity to regain access to every area of their home, making sure that they are able to remain at home without compromising their safety and independence.

Freedom Of Mobility To Better Enjoy Your Home

Setting up and installing a wheelchair lift in your Chapel Hill, NC home can be the ideal solution because it allows for you or your loved one with limited mobility to enjoy access to every level of the home.

Working with only the best brands and manufacturers in the market, we make sure to provide our customers with easy-to-install and use wheelchair lift solutions, without ever compromising their safety and comfort. 

Bruno Wheelchair Lifts

Developed and manufactured in the USA, Bruno is one of the leading brands in the market of mobility thanks to its top quality engineering and innovation. Bruno’s chair lifts accomodate a great variety of budgets and staircases while staying completely in line with ADA requirements. 

Harmar Wheelchair Lifts

As worldwide leaders in design and engineering, Harmar provides top mobility products that keep their customers’ necessities in mind. Our wide array of Harmar chair lifts in Chapel Hill, NC provides users with the comfort and confidence to independently move around their homes. 

Call us today to talk directly to one of our mobility specialists.  They will be happy to guide you through our large selection of wheelchair lifts in Chapel Hill, NC, and help you find the perfect one to fit your needs.