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Having a disability can make parenting a little more challenging, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Thanks to these top baby products for disabled moms, the joy of parenting can be easily achievable by everyone. Although many adapted products for parents with disabilities are specially made, there is a wide variety of items you can purchase at any regular big-box store that can help you a great deal. Read on to find a selection of them. 

Amazing Products For Parents With Disabilities

Chest harness baby carrier

A chest harness baby carrier can be easily found at any baby store. The reason they’re one of the top baby products for disabled moms is because they allow the parent to have full use of both of their arms while carrying the baby, being especially great for people with limited arm movement or strength. 

Tomme Tipee Perfect Prep Machine

It works similarly to a coffee maker but is specially designed to make baby formula on demand. For disabled moms facing muscular weakness, lifting a kettle to fill bottles can be challenging, so this gadget allows them to easily prepare bottles of formula without putting in as much effort. By simply adding some scoops of formula and cold water, the user can pick how many ounces are needed and the machine takes care of everything else, making the right amount of formula a drinkable temperature within seconds. 

ClevaMama 10-in-1 breastfeeding pillow

Using this pillow with a padded harness, disabled moms will find it really useful to be able to buckle their baby in for feeding time. It can also help babies sit upright in strollers and high chairs and provide extra cushioning during tummy time. Because it can be used in so many different ways, it makes it easier for parents with disabilities to position their child for breastfeeding, in their stroller or anywhere else. 

Velcro baby bibs

A velcro baby bib is one of the top baby products for disabled moms particularly because its popularity makes it readily available in many stores and it’s easy to use. Clasping using velcro instead of a snap means complicated finger functions are no longer necessary. 

Breastfeeding sling

For moms with limited arm mobility or those who may find it uncomfortable to hold their baby for breastfeeding during long periods of time, a breastfeeding sling is the perfect solution. It evenly distributes the baby’s weight and provides a padded shoulder strap for greater comfort.

Swivel base baby car seat

For wheelchair users, transporting a baby in a car can be difficult, so a swivel-base car seat becomes a must. By allowing parents to swivel the car seat towards them, it’s much easier to move the baby in and out of the car without assistance. 

Changing units with space underneath

For parents in wheelchairs, regular changing units can prove to be useless as they don’t provide the proper space for your legs to fit underneath them, so the option is to either get a custom-built one or purchase one, such as the Ikea changing unit that provides clearance underneath and a removable top that can be taken out once it’s no longer needed. 


For parents using a wheelchair, the LapBaby proves to be the perfect solution, ensuring your baby remains safe sitting on your lap without needing to be held and leaving you free to maneuver your wheelchair or powerchair. With a strap made of heavy-duty velcro that goes around the parent and baby’s waist, along with a crotch strap that prevents the baby from slipping, the LapBaby can be of great assistance. 

Co-sleeper cots

A co-sleeper cot can be perfect for someone who struggles to bend and lift their baby on a daily basis. Locking securely to the parent’s bed frame and leaving no gap in between, it allows your baby to sleep right next to you, while its wheels permit it to be pushed out of the way when necessary. 

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