man in wheelchair with arms around stading child

06 Aug

How To Make Your Outdoor Spaces More Accessible

When most people think about making their homes more accessible they tend to focus mainly on indoor spaces. Even though this is certainly the area where modifications are needed most, it doesn’t mean that you should leave out the garden or backyard, especially since we all love enjoying the outdoors.  If you, a loved one

wooden residential ramp for wheelchair

23 Jul

Tips To Make Your Home More Accessible Without Breaking The Bank

Creating a more accessible household doesn’t have to involve big structural changes. In fact, there are several DIY ways and tips that can help you make your home more accessible without breaking the bank. Here we highlight a few of them.  Accessibility That Stays On Budget Make your home entrance wider and install ramps or

man in wheelchair during business meeting

18 Jul

How To Make The Workplace An Accessible Space

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics the employment-population ratio for people with disabilities reached 19.1 percent in 2018, and while the numbers keep growing as time goes by, there’s still a lot improvement needed when it comes to making the workplace an accessible space.  Considering that there are around 40 million people living

woman in wheelchair washing hand in bathroom

10 Jul

How To Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

The bathroom can be one of the most difficult and dangerous places to move around in when faced with limited mobility in your home. However, there are a few ways in which you can make your bathroom more accessible and provide a safer, more independent experience for you or your loved ones.   Install Rails And

woman in wheelchair holding up baby

03 Jul

Disability And Parenting: Top Baby Products For Disabled Moms

Having a disability can make parenting a little more challenging, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Thanks to these top baby products for disabled moms, the joy of parenting can be easily achievable by everyone. Although many adapted products for parents with disabilities are specially made, there is a wide variety of items you can

senior woman painting activity group

28 Jun

8 Activities For Seniors With Limited Mobility

Due to age and different conditions, seniors start to lose their mobility abilities. However, just because moving around isn’t as easy as it used to be doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In this stage, hobbies and enjoyable activities are even more important to maintain positive mental health, memory and cognitive skills in check. If you or

woman in wheelchair choosing clothes

24 Jun

Disability And Fashion: Adaptive Clothing Lines

According to the U.S. Census, an estimated one in five people in the country live with disabilities today. While the challenges for them are many, the market is noticing the need for adaptive fashion, providing clothes that are easy to get in and out of and adjustable to their various needs without sacrificing comfort and

person in wheelchair at airport

21 Jun

Top Practical Tips For Travelers With Limited Mobility

Travelling is an enriching experience that should be enjoyed by all regardless of their abilities. While travelling with limited mobility can seem challenging, nothing is impossible and in most cases not even as hard as it seems, especially if you have this compilation of top practical tips for travelers with limited mobility at hand. #1

amazon echo

17 Jun

How Smart Home Technologies Can Make People With Disabilities Feel Safer

Most houses are not built with accessibility in mind, so for people with disabilities to enjoy a safe and independent living inside their own home requires adaptations to be made. As the Internet of Things evolves, so do smart home technologies, and what started as a simple convenience for non-disabled people has become a life-changing

man on wheelchair entering car

11 Jun

Driving With Limited Mobility – All You Need To Know

Driving with limited mobility can require a few adaptations, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible or too hard. With a little education and the many different driving aids that are currently on the market, people with mobility issues have it easier than ever when it comes to adjusting their cars in a way that