visual impaired man using cellphone. voice search

      04 Jun

      How AI Can Create A Future Free Of Barriers For People With Disabilities

      As Artificial Intelligence advances and seeps into everyday technology, people with disabilities are finding that barriers are broken as a result. From smart home technologies that make home environments safer, more accessible and independent to features, such as predictive text or speech-to-text transcription, AI can create a future free of barriers for people with disabilities.

      couple at the park. woman on wheelchair

      29 May

      Overcoming Fatigue For Spousal Caregivers

      Caregiver fatigue is something many spousal caregivers face when taking care of their ill or disabled partner. As the demands of constant caregiving become overwhelming, fatigue starts to sink in and without the proper approach this can lead to depression, anxiety and burnout, causing you to be unable to care for someone else. Overcoming fatigue

      north carolina building

      16 May

      A Guide To Accessible Parks And Gardens Across North Carolina

      Great weather is just starting to come and the need to go out and enjoy the outdoors knows no boundaries nor limitations, especially if we consider just how many accessible parks and gardens across North Carolina you can find. We offer a selection of some of the most interesting, fun and accessible playgrounds, state parks

      disabled person doing sports

      09 May

      Yes You Can! A Guide To Exercising With Limited Mobility

      It is common knowledge that exercise is good for you, both physically and mentally. It boosts good mood, improves your self-esteem, helps with stress, anxiety and even depression, and triggers an overall sense of well-being. However, while exercising with limited mobility can add an extra challenge to finding the right workout routine for you, that

      dog paw on womans hand

      02 May

      Is A Service Animal Right For Me?

      Service animals can be of enormous help to a handler with disabilities, whether physical or psychological, however, everything regarding the ownership of one must be considered carefully before even starting the process of finding the right one to adopt. Therefore, ask yourself the question, “Is a service animal right for me?”   What Exactly Is

      elderly hand grabbing a residential bar

      23 Mar

      Essential Home Modifications For The Elderly Living At Home

      When the goal is to age in the comfort of your own home, there are certain essential home modifications for the elderly living at home, all of which are meant to provide a safer, more comfortable place for seniors to enjoy their own space independently and securely. Modifying homes to make them safer and more